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Sunset Versailles Graves Architecture Airport concrete Evening light Crossing here we go again Cherry blossoms First cherry blossoms of the year 🌸 March, somehow Day trip to Jane Austen’s House in Hampshire 🐝 First of the cherry blossoms in Greenwich Park 🌸 There are worse places for a drink after work, I suppose. Snow in Greenwich A walk around Luxembourg 🇱🇺 Birthday cake Went for a walk Slightly underestimated how much cake there was going to be Barbican The desolation of capitalism chonk Spices There’s a nicer view when working from home than in the office, at least. Running out of bread, so: DIY Metz Cathedral 2019bestnine Sibelius monument at sunset (i.e., about 2:30) Not quite a white Christmas Carousel Misty morning Morning by the river. Autumn in Greenwich Evening walk by the river Suomenlinna . Last stop on a tour around Scotland Hottest weekend of the year, allegedly Sunset by the river By the river S-Bahn Church Gate Blossom Tulips Memorial Berlin: it’s nice, actually City at dusk Sunset upriver Kallio church, winter sunset 2018bestnine Cranes Trees by the bay Back in September Still lake South bank sunset New office seems alright Golden bricks Sun over the lake Seurasaari, 2016 St Paul’s Bench Old tree Priorities Coast Road trip success Place d’Armes Fortifications Cathedral Columns Post-parade pint of Pride Union banners St Giles (2016) Sainte-Chapelle Clock Sacré-Cœur Louis Louvre There are worse places to study, I guess. Last year in Florence Lenin Park I could get used to running in Helsinki Tampere Coffee by the bay Iltaolut lahdella Snow day Minster Misty morning 2. Frame 1. Lines Nice day for a run. 2017bestnine Winter birch Cauliflower cheese with Stilton and walnuts Edinburgh, last summer. More Greenwich Spent the afternoon in Greenwich There are upsides to studying contract law. I spent two nights a week at @birkbeckuni for the last four years and all I got was this silly hat (and a degree) Worth a try, right? 😱 Bought too many eggs Couldn’t face reading about Brexit this evening for tomorrow’s tutorial so I baked instead Birthday tradition Birthday breakfast for Sara Ikea even includes instructions with their beer. Suppose I'd better get reading, then. Birch by the lake Rainy lake Holiday! 🇬🇧✈️🇫🇮 Found some trees. Found some Finnish condiments Hipster drinks Made onion gravy from scratch And then: Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty And now Tom Petty Stevie Nicks No idea what this aperitif is but it seems to be alcoholic Irn Bru. Florence is alright. Finnish breakfast Pre-wedding selfie. In the pub Twins Post-exam pint. Sunset over the marsh Bridges Sunset run in the Lee Valley What is the logic behind smaller loaves of bread that are then too small to fit things into a sandwich? Why not make it the same height and width but half the length (half as many slices)? All done. Someone already wrote my dissertation apparently Little sister visiting so made a Sunday roast Brutalist ceiling @soaslibrary Evening walk Karl-Marx-Hof The Sound of Music makes much more sense now No skimping on the decoration Local graffiti :) Just what everyone comes to Vienna for: an English-style coffee shop. January 7 Correction: that was just the warmup Helsinki celebrates 2016bestnine Patriotic church yeah i know it's only november An afternoon in Oxford Night boat A night at the opera All-day breakfast Doing the tourist thing Rings Evening walk Picnic spot Hello Turku Sauna Opera house Waterside run Out for a walk Weather's alright Finally stopped procrastinating Under a chestnut tree Birthday drinks It's 2016 Hume's been out on the piss again, I see. Holiday drink OK Edinburgh stop showing off. Hi Scotland. Eightieth anniversary of the fascist coup in Spain this week Day away from the office Some evenings are so nice even I can't procrastinate my way out of going for a run. Old and new: the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Anunciation (1862) and the Church of St Eleftherios (c. 1200). Evening drink and a walk home. My Instagram feed is full of sunny pictures of Finland, Austria, Italy… and yet this is London. Yesterday evening, by the canal. Alright spot for a drink, I suppose. Spring in London Acropolis at sunset Ouzo! Your actual Acropolis, that is. Sampling the local delicacies i.e Hello Greece On the way home Friday evening run Senate House By the canal Museum St Paul's Tower Thames sunset Cheesewring Hampton Court Plymouth (in 2009) Plymouth (in 2009) Mine Polperro Tate Modern (re-edited version of an older picture) Mount's Bay St Michael's Mount Lifeguard Bay Viaduct On our way home Storm approaching Seaside walk then a pint. At last Institute of Education BT Tower Oven pancake and blueberry jam Someone has been baking Out for a coffee… Rye loaf no.2 (100% rye flour, didn't rise as much) Rye loaf no.1 (⅓ rye ⅔ wheat) It's alive! Future rye bread (with London Pride) 2015bestnine Out for a walk Empire Running in (rainy) Luxembourg St Paul's Custom House James Connolly Barbican Barbican Chocolate and raspberry cake Chocolate and raspberry cake for Sara's birthday we're all going on a summer holiday Looking for the doorbell Alnwick Tate Modern Tower Bridge Home? Töölönlahti talvella View from this evening's run Porvoo Cathedral Porvoo Porvoo Töölönlahti Finlandia Hall Eläintarhanlahti (Zoo Bay) Helsinki cathedral Helsinki Central Station Hakaniemi Kalliosta katsottuna Helsinki Noticing a theme in my recent book purchases. Bunch of troublemakers outside Westminster Abbey. gin and tonic Window box starting to bloom. Aamukahvi Muumipapan kanssa You know a book is going to be interesting when Lenin wrote an introduction.